Interactive Smartboards in Action: Daily Activities for Teachers.

Interactive smartboards are changing how teachers teach and how students learn. These advanced tools make lessons more engaging and fun. Let’s look at what teachers can do with interactive smartboards every day.

For Teachers

Interactive Lessons

Interactive smartboards let teachers create exciting lessons with videos, pictures, and quizzes. These tools make it easier for students to understand and stay interested in the lesson. You can learn more from here.

Annotating and Note-taking

Teachers can write and draw directly on the smartboard during lessons. They can highlight important points and add extra notes. These notes can be saved and shared with students for later review.

Collaborative Activities

Interactive smartboards make group work fun and easy. Students can come up to the board and work together on projects. The board can show different resources at the same time, helping everyone work together.

Assessment and Feedback

Teachers can use interactive smartboards to give quizzes and polls during class. This helps them see who understands the lesson and who needs more help. Teachers can give instant feedback, helping students learn right away.

Resource Management

With interactive smartboards, teachers can quickly access online resources and add them to their lessons. They can keep all their lesson plans and student work in one place, making it easy to stay organized.


Interactive smartboards are powerful tools that make teaching more engaging and efficient. They help teachers create dynamic lessons, facilitate group work, and provide instant feedback. Embrace the future of education with interactive smartboards and see the difference they can make in your classroom.

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