Interactive Smartboards vs. Traditional Whiteboards

Interactive Smartboards vs. Traditional Whiteboards

The evolution of classroom boards has been just as fascinating and exciting as that of all ICT gadgets. From the chalkboards to whiteboards and now through the Covid Era we have seen the rise of Interactive Boards and Interactive Smartboards.

Traditional whiteboards are the ones we’re all familiar with. They’re smooth, white surfaces where teachers write with dry-erase markers. They’ve been around for decades, helping teachers illustrate points and students jot down notes.

A smartboard, also known as an interactive whiteboard, is like a giant tablet for the classroom. It connects to a computer and projects the computer’s screen onto the board. You can touch it, draw on it, and even save what you write.

Comparing the two,

In terms of Interactivity, Traditional Whiteboard are one-way street. You write, and that’s it, meanwhile with the interactive smartboards, it’s a two-way conversation. You can write, touch, move items, and interact with software right on the board.

Looking at engagement, Traditional Whiteboards can be engaging, but it depends on how creative the teacher is with markers, however with the interactive smartboards, they are naturally engaging because it’s like using a huge computer screen. Videos, animations, and games make lessons come alive.

With Flexibility, traditional whiteboards only use the space available, and once it’s full, you have to erase but interactive smartboards have Infinite space! You can flip through different screens, open up websites, and show videos without losing what you’ve written.

Another Factor to compare is Accessibility. Traditional Whiteboards, everyone can see it, but not everyone can reach it. Smartboards, not only can you see it, but you can also interact with it from anywhere in the room if you have a connected device.

Learning Styles, Traditional Whiteboards are great for visual learners who learn by seeing.Interactive Smartboards are perfect for all kinds of learners—visual, auditory, and kinesthetic—because it combines seeing, hearing, and doing.

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